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Who Blocked me on Facebook? Is There a Way to Unblock?

This is a question every Facebook user asks at least once: “Who blocked me?“. The answer is not easy to find because Facebook doesn’t want you to know who blocked you. Knowing that you were blocked decreases your sympathy for Facebook. Therefore, they do everything they can to hide this information.

With about 2.3 billion users, Facebook is one of the major websites that shapes our world. Over 60% daily active users share, comment, like, and yes, block! It is obviously sad to see someone blocked you but there are always things to learn from our experiences on Facebook. Learning and improving starts by finding out who blocked you!

Who blocked me?

There is an obvious way of finding out who blocked you on Facebook. Simply ask a friend to search for that person’s name. If it shows up for your friend but not for you, it means he or she blocked you. Sorry!

This is how it looks like if someone blocks you

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