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Who Unfriended me on Facebook? Is There an Unfriend Tracker?

Facebook’s popularity is growing as the internet continues to spread to even the farthest corners of the planet. More than 2 billion active users make Facebook more fun and interactive for everybody. However, there are moments that upset us on this biggest social network. One of them is seeing a drop in the friend count. The question raises at that moment: Who unfriended me on Facebook?

Imagine that you have a thousand friends on Facebook. One day, while editing your profile, you notice that the friend count is 992. What happened! Who are those 5 people who removed you? You probably have a few strong guesses about who they might be. You can easily go to their profile page and see if you are still friends. How about the rest of them? Apparently, you cannot check all 1,000 profiles. There must be an easy way!

The answer for the question of “Who unfriended on me Facebook?”

There are two easy and obvious ways of finding out if a specific person unfriended you:

  • Go to that user’s profile page and see if there is a “Add Friend” button at the top of the page. If there is, it means he or she unfriended you (assuming that you used to be friends)
  • Go to your friend list and search for that person’s name. If it doesn’t appear in the search result, sorry. He or she unfriended you.
Who unfriended on me Facebook?
The happy moment when you see that you are still “friends”!

What if there are too many people that unfriended you and you don’t have much time to check that many profile pages? Wouldn’t be nice to have a way of finding out these disconnections automatically? A service that notifies you when somebody unfriends you? Continue to the next section!

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