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Who Blocked me on Facebook? Is There a Way to Unblock?

This is a question every Facebook user asks at least once: “Who blocked me?“. The answer is not easy to find because Facebook doesn’t want you to know who blocked you. Knowing that you were blocked decreases your sympathy for Facebook. Therefore, they do everything they can to hide this information.

With about 2.3 billion users, Facebook is one of the major websites that shapes our world. Over 60% daily active users share, comment, like, and yes, block! It is obviously sad to see someone blocked you but there are always things to learn from our experiences on Facebook. Learning and improving starts by finding out who blocked you!

Who blocked me?

There is an obvious way of finding out who blocked you on Facebook. Simply ask a friend to search for that person’s name. If it shows up for your friend but not for you, it means he or she blocked you. Sorry!

This is how it looks like if someone blocks you

Sorry, this content isn’t available right now

The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you’re not in.

Another way of finding the people who blocked you is that creating a second account and searching for that user in that account. However, Facebook doesn’t endorse second (fake) accounts.

If you have messages to that person at least once, you can also go to Facebook Messenger and search for his/her name. Once you find the previous conversation, try to message. If you can’t message, it means you were blocked.

Another challenging way of finding out this information is that searching for the name of that person. Then compare the lists in All and People tabs. People who blocked you or deleted their profiles won’t show up in the People tab.

In conclusion, all these methods are time-consuming and their results are not guaranteed. In most cases, it is hard to distinguish the people who deleted their profiles from the ones who actually blocked you.

When you block someone, it automatically deletes that person from your Facebook profile as well. For more information about finding out who deleted you on Facebook, check out our detailed post: Who deleted me on Facebook? and why?

Is there a way to unblock someone?

If you block someone, you can easily unblock that person by following the steps below:

Blocked friends on Facebook

If someone unblocks you, unfortunately, there is not way to lift that block. You can create a new account and send a friend request or you can communicate with that user by other ways (Instagram, phone etc.).

Is there any easier and automated way?

Yes! By using a simple service such as Unriended by, you can automatically get email notifications if somebody blocks you on Facebook. It takes only 2 minutes to sign up. Afterwards, you should just look for notification emails. These emails will tell you who blocked you. Additionally, they tell who your new friends are and what is your total friend count.

This service pays off its membership fee quickly. Most of the customers report that they are surprised when they saw who blocked them. It helps to manage their relationships and improve their online and offline social experience. For reviews from real customer, visit their Facebook page.

For a detailed information about finding out who unfriended you, check our other post: Who unfriended me on Facebook?

Please be cautious about other sites who claim to find out who blocked you. As Facebook restricted API access to friend lists, many applications and websites had to shut down their services. Fortunately, Unfriended by still works!

For a testimonial from a real customer, check this post out!

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