Who Deleted me on Facebook? What is the Reason?

Who deleted me on Facebook? and why?

Facebook is the world’s third most-visited website according to Alexa and SimilarWeb. It is a network by which we communicate with friends, get news, ask for help, and more importantly, meet new people! Making new friends is as easy as sending a request. However, I am afraid that the idiom “easy come, easy go” applies to Facebook too. It is very common for users to unfriend others. Most of the time, these actions go unnoticed but sometimes this question is inevitable: Who deleted me on Facebook? and Why?

Deleting on Facebook means unfriending that person. If somebody deletes you, it means you won’t be able to see what that person shares except the public posts. There is still hope, though. You can still message and stay in touch.

The problem is that we don’t always notice when somebody deletes us on Facebook. Of course, you can find it out by going to that person’s profile page and see if there is an “Add Friend” button which means you are no longer friends.

It is doable to check each profile pages if you don’t have many people in your friend list but what if you have thousands of friends (many of the users do)? Facebook is the most popular social network. According to Pew Research, 68 percent of adults in the United States use Facebook. It is not rare to have more than a couple of hundreds of connections.

Facebook usage statistics in the USA. Important to find who deleted me
Facebook usage statistics in the USA

Don’t get lost in the crowd on Facebook. It’s easier than you think to find an answer to Who unfriended me on Facebook? question. Check out our post for easy to follow instructions for finding out who unfriended you.

4 reasons why people unfriend on Facebook?

Think about the last time you unfriended somebody. You sure had valid reasons at least for that time. There are numerous reasons people have for deleting and unfriending others. Among those, 4 reasons stand out most according to a research by Christopher Sibona of the University of Colorado Denver:

  • Frequent/unimportant posts
  • Polarizing posts (politics and religion)
  • Inappropriate posts (sexist, racist remarks)
  • Everyday life posts (child, spouse, eating habits, etc.)

Many of these reasons should be familiar. To simply it, I would add a few common feelings behind these reasons:

  • Jealousy
  • Hatred
  • Revenge
  • All of the above

Fun fact: The people who unfriend most and the people who are unfriended most are high school friends!

Who deleted me on Facebook?

It’s easy to find out if a specific person deleted you or not. How about finding out everybody who deleted you? In other words: How to find out a list of people who deleted me?

Facebook doesn’t have a feature to give you this information. It is the social network giant doesn’t want to upset you. However, there is an easy and fast way of finding out this information. A website called Unfriended by automatically informs you if somebody deletes you on Facebook. They are famous with their 2-minute super fast sign-up page. You can start getting notifications as soon as you start your subscription.

Who deleted me on Facebook?
A service that tells you who deleted you on Facebook

The best part of using “Unfriended by” is that it is fully automatic you literally don’t have to do anything except checking your inbox!

If you are wondering who blocked you on Facebook, there are a couple of helpful ways you can use. Have a look at our blog post we specifically dedicated to this topic: Who blocked me on Facebook?

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