33 Surprising Facebook Statistics with Facts and Numbers (Infographic)

Facebook stats and facts

Facebook is by far the biggest social network with its billion of users and continuously growing content. You know what they say: “Numbers don’t lie”. Facebook stats and facts prove how much we are in love (or addicted) with Facebook!

Here are the up-to-date Facebook user stats:

  • 2.32 billion monthly active users
  • 1.52 billion daily active users

Facebook Infographic

We have created an infographic that explains the effects of Facebook in our daily lives. It shows the user count, gender and age distribution, behavior statistics, ad revenue, employee count and many other interesting stats and facts about Facebook.

Click the image below to display the infographic in full size.

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Who Deleted me on Facebook? What is the Reason?

Who deleted me on Facebook? and why?

Facebook is the world’s third most-visited website according to Alexa and SimilarWeb. It is a network by which we communicate with friends, get news, ask for help, and more importantly, meet new people! Making new friends is as easy as sending a request. However, I am afraid that the idiom “easy come, easy go” applies to Facebook too. It is very common for users to unfriend others. Most of the time, these actions go unnoticed but sometimes this question is inevitable: Who deleted me on Facebook? and Why?

Deleting on Facebook means unfriending that person. If somebody deletes you, it means you won’t be able to see what that person shares except the public posts. There is still hope, though. You can still message and stay in touch.

The problem is that we don’t always notice when somebody deletes us on Facebook. Of course, you can find it out by going to that person’s profile page and see if there is an “Add Friend” button which means you are no longer friends.

It is doable to check each profile pages if you don’t have many people in your friend list but what if you have thousands of friends (many of the users do)? Facebook is the most popular social network. According to Pew Research, 68 percent of adults in the United States use Facebook. It is not rare to have more than a couple of hundreds of connections.

Facebook usage statistics in the USA. Important to find who deleted me
Facebook usage statistics in the USA
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Who Unfriended me on Facebook? Is There an Unfriend Tracker?

Facebook’s popularity is growing as the internet continues to spread to even the farthest corners of the planet. More than 2 billion active users make Facebook more fun and interactive for everybody. However, there are moments that upset us on this biggest social network. One of them is seeing a drop in the friend count. The question raises at that moment: Who unfriended me on Facebook?

Imagine that you have a thousand friends on Facebook. One day, while editing your profile, you notice that the friend count is 992. What happened! Who are those 5 people who removed you? You probably have a few strong guesses about who they might be. You can easily go to their profile page and see if you are still friends. How about the rest of them? Apparently, you cannot check all 1,000 profiles. There must be an easy way!

The answer for the question of “Who unfriended on me Facebook?”

There are two easy and obvious ways of finding out if a specific person unfriended you:

  • Go to that user’s profile page and see if there is a “Add Friend” button at the top of the page. If there is, it means he or she unfriended you (assuming that you used to be friends)
  • Go to your friend list and search for that person’s name. If it doesn’t appear in the search result, sorry. He or she unfriended you.
Who unfriended on me Facebook?
The happy moment when you see that you are still “friends”!

What if there are too many people that unfriended you and you don’t have much time to check that many profile pages? Wouldn’t be nice to have a way of finding out these disconnections automatically? A service that notifies you when somebody unfriends you? Continue to the next section!

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Who Blocked me on Facebook? Is There a Way to Unblock?

This is a question every Facebook user asks at least once: “Who blocked me?“. The answer is not easy to find because Facebook doesn’t want you to know who blocked you. Knowing that you were blocked decreases your sympathy for Facebook. Therefore, they do everything they can to hide this information.

With about 2.3 billion users, Facebook is one of the major websites that shapes our world. Over 60% daily active users share, comment, like, and yes, block! It is obviously sad to see someone blocked you but there are always things to learn from our experiences on Facebook. Learning and improving starts by finding out who blocked you!

Who blocked me?

There is an obvious way of finding out who blocked you on Facebook. Simply ask a friend to search for that person’s name. If it shows up for your friend but not for you, it means he or she blocked you. Sorry!

This is how it looks like if someone blocks you

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